Live the Sámi life 

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Get away from the crowds, learn how to live a traditional Sámi life 

Geunja a secluded Sámi Eco Lodge in the heart of Swedish Lapland and is probably one of the best kept secret in the Arctic. You will only find your way there by invitation. Having received the Swedish Royal family as guests, the Vinka family welcome guests to eat, sleep and learn about a traditional Sami life close to the Arctic circle. Welcome to share our home and traditions

Learning experience and knowledge transfer thru generations

You will discover the wildlife, Sami history, culture, religion, symbols, customs and of course our family history.  You will enjoy boat rides, trekking, local cuisine, the nature and cultural landscape of Sápmi. You will be offline and without electricity and running water but never feel like you have missed it! As a guest in Geunja, you will also be part of a helping hand for nature and cultural conservation.  

Where the wild is...

Here is a unique bird and animal life, a fantastic area for wild watching for arctic fox, beavers, otters, reindeer and moose. All Arctic wildlife is here! If we are lucky, we can also see some predators, such as Golden Eagle and wolverine, lynx and bear.

Sami designed log cabins or traditional Goathie. 

Geunja has two cozy Sami designed log cabins up to 6 persons in each cabin. The log cabin has 2 beds downstairs and 2-4 beds on loft. Every cabin is equipped with lovely handmade wooden furniture, commode, hand-woven mats, kerosene lamps and candles and a cozy fire place. A small collection local litteratures and water from the cold spring is also on place.

Besides a bed with sheets you can also sleep in a traditional Sami Goathie, a kind of wooden " Sámi teepee" on a lovely bed of reindeer hides using sleeping bags with sheet linen.  The Goathie has two open areas for max 4 persons on each side. Imagine yourself surrounded by the fresh fragrance of dwarf birch, lying on a reindeer hide, soothed by the crackling noise from the fire. Its another kind of glamping.

Share our love for food 

Food from the forests, mountains and lakes.  Being at Geunja is a learning experience. You’ll  help making the food, and you’ll learn about how  it is brought home.   Maybe you’ll follow Mikael picking up fish, or he’ll show you how to snare a ptarmigan, and  you’ll hear stories about the old family recipes and how to prepare everything. The shared love for food  makes us an excellent choice for the food interested traveler. 

Well-being through nature and culture

Most of the guests appreciates the wood-fired sauna down by the lake with a nice water heater and a lovely relax room to spend time in. Geunja also has a bright and nice outhouse with an astonishing view in front of you. You can take a swim in the clear water or fill a bottle with water from the spring. Just being in Geunja is wellness. 

Meeting, conferences and leadership

In today's turbulent world, people, politicians and business leaders need to get new perspectives on existence. Geunja is a divine place where man meets the messenger of life through a fabulous nature, GAIA Leadership

Experiences, departures & prices 

 For the surrounding nature and wildlife to remain as untouched as possible Geunja welcomes twelve groups of guests a year and maximum 12 guest each time on package arrangement.  Day trips or different packages are offered whether you are an individual or a company. 

The income from paying guests goes to protect and preserve the Sami buildings and caring efforts for nature and culture.  

For a personal invitation kindly send us your request

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We also offering customized fly-fishing and bird watching in Vindelfjällen naturereserv

Customized fly fishing in private streams and mountain lakes, a joint venture with the Sami community and can only be booked through the Vinka family.   "The midnight light is fantastic, when fishing for grayling, arctic char and brown trout in special water" say Jess.   

Arctic fox hike, fishing and bird watching in Geunja Sami Ecolodge - Vindelfjällen Ammarnäs. Kindly send us a request

We have travel guarantee provided by Kammarkollegiet, necessary permits to run the business, liability insurance and an F-tax certificate. 

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